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Why is an expansion tank required?
28 Apr 2019
All thermal fluids expand as they are heated. The amount of expansion is based on the operating temperature, system volume and the coefficient of thermal expans...
When would I use steam versus hot water or thermal fluid?
10 May 2019
Steam carries about 540 Kcal/kg of useful energy whereas hot water and thermal fluid carry much less energy. Steam does not require a pump to transfer the energ...
Is there a minimum flow requirement for a thermal fluid heater?
10 May 2019
A minimum flow rate is required in order to maintain the appropriate velocities through the heater (typically 3 – 4 m/sec). If the velocity is too low the film...
What types of materials (valves, piping, gaskets etc.) should be used with thermal fluid systems?
17 May 2019
Typically, thermal fluid systems should use either carbon or stainless steel components. Brass, bronze, cast iron, and aluminum are incompatible with thermal fl...
How to choose a thermal fluid?
17 May 2019
The required operating temperature along with the physical properties (specific heat, maximum operating temperature, vapor pressure, specific gravity and coeffi...
What is a thermal fluid system?
25 Jul 2019
A thermal fluid system is a closed loop using mineral or synthetic oil as the heat transfer fluid. These systems operate at elevated temperatures while mainta...
When should I use a thermal fluid system?
01 Aug 2019
The choice between a steam system or a thermal fluid system is governed by the process requirements. The range or process temperature is a deciding factor. If...
4 Mechanical benefits of serpentine coil heaters
25 Oct 2019
Here, we'll address four of the key mechanical benefits that serpentine coil heaters have to offer.1. Coil ReplacementCoil replacement in serpentine industrial...
How much will you spend on a thermal fluid heating system for your facility?
25 Oct 2019
Unfortunately, there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The overall cost of purchasing new equipment and implementing a new system will depend larg...
Selecting the right heat transfer fluid: what to consider?
01 Nov 2019
There are dozens of factors you will ultimately have to consider as you search for the right thermal heating fluid. These 9 factors will likely play a large rol...
Why investing in high grade heat transfer fluid is a MUST?
01 Nov 2019
Improved Heat Transfer CoefficientFluid grade can impact the heat transfer coefficient. High grade heat transfer fluid can improve the heat transfer coefficient...
How to deal with the coking in the combustion of biomass-fired boiler?
05 Jul 2018
Question details (performance):Coking. Answer: (1) During combustion, the temperature of fuel layer is higher than the softening temperature of ash, which is...

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